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5 Tricks To Make Your Facebook Ad Campaign Successful

5 Tricks To Make Your Facebook Ad Campaign Successful

The Facebook ad campaign is a tough cookie to crack. It is easy to get attention if you are being whimsical without fear of making a sale, but if you try to create an actual advert that may one day lead to you making money then it is harder than a diamond chastity belt. Below are five small tricks that may help you get the edge on your competition. It is difficult for you so it is difficult for them, so if you are trying anything that is even remotely different to them then you are potentially one step ahead. Here are five tricks you may like to try.

5 Tricks To Make Your Facebook Ad Campaign Successful

1 – Change your headline to make it a little better. On your advert there is a slot that says, “Choose a Facebook destination” Here you should enter the URL of your Facebook page. Do not select your Facebook page from the drop down menu. If you enter it manually you are then able to edit your headline. You may now edit your headline to say something a little better. On the “Choose your audience” section you can still reach your perfect customer, so simply add in headline that is going to suit that customer.

2 – Use the targeting options to test your adverts. One advert may work in one state and not in another. You can test out different adverts all over the country if you use the geographical side of the Facebook targeting system. Using the targeting protocols is common sense if you have a business that requires people to walk through the door, as people are not going to travel across the country for you.But, if you do not have a company that needs a footfall, then do not pass up the geographic side of your targeting. If the north side of your city is rich, then have your top of the range adverts come up in their area, and vice versa for the poorer south side.Also, if you have a business that can have a footfall and can operate online, then try out your footfall adverts in your local area and your eCommerce adverts for the rest of the country.

3 -Know & consider your bidding options and regain control of your bids. Facebook is going to do your bidding for you if you choose to advertise something such as an event, your Facebook page or an app. It gives you the option of getting new customers, getting more likes and increasing attendance. You are charged based on your impressions, and you are charged at every 1000 impressions.Choose the advanced bidding options and you are then able to choose the cost per click for yourself. If you do this then you gain more control over your Facebook advert. It also means you may trial-and-error test your adverts with a little more accuracy.

4 – Advertise a sponsored story on its own You can just advertise a sponsored story if you wish.All you have to do is go through the advert sequence and then go to the advanced options. Here you may remove the ad portion and it just leaves behind your sponsored story. If you do create an advert, then your sponsored story is created automatically. This means that it factors into your budget too. If you do not want your sponsored story then you have to remove it manually. Some people do not even realize that part of their budget is going towards their sponsored story.

5 – Attention grabbing text should be tested It is very easy to tell people their text should be attention grabbing, but that is not really very good advice as it is like telling a drowning man to swim. What you do need is attention grabbing text, but you do not know what is effective and what is not. That is why you should test out a lot of attention grabbing adverts to see which ones do the best. As you work out the best ones you need to consider what it was about the text that grabbed people’s attention. There are a few haunting adverts that work on Facebook from time to time. The ones that said, “I can see you” were fun as they introduced security cameras.

Grabbing people’s attention is difficult on social media because they are not there to look at adverts, so try to keep in mind that they are there for entertainment. Keeping your adverts 100% professional may not be the best strategy on Facebook. Author’s bio:The post is written by Sonia Jackson from cool-essays.com. She helps students in writing academic papers on different topics.

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