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Easy working experience with Windows 8

Easy working experience with Windows 8

According to the analytical information only a month after the start of sales new Windows 8 was installed for more than 15 million devices.  It means that approximately 1,3% of computer users from all over the world have this system. But let’s also take into consideration another fact. More than 40 millions of people had been assigned for updating their computer Operating System.

Most of these people were owners of old devices with Windows XP on board. They wanted to use a wonderful promotion offered by Microsoft company and install a new age system for a cheap price. It turned out that not all of new users were satisfied with the new form of Microsoft 8.  Innovative interface Modern UI is extremely convenient in use for the tablet PC and other ultra new Lap Tops with sensor screen. Still this interface irritates the owners of traditional PC and Laptops.

Absence of Multiple windows for modern applications, constant changeovers from start screen to the desktop, absence of the traditional Start menu, cut multimedia functions – all these novelties force users to find additional Programming Optimization. Although new OS works rather quickly even in inefficient systems special utilities will make its work even faster. Besides many applications for having back Start menu and make other setting changes can be found in the internet resources.

EnhanceMy8 Pro: optimizing and speeding.

No doubt, Windows 8 is much speedy system in comparison with its predecessors. And still it’s possible to make its work even faster with the help of EnhanceMy8 Pro. The most interesting settings are held in Optimization block. Here you can improve work with those applications which have been under abnormal termination, lessen the waiting time of hug program feedback, allow Windows system to automatically stop these kind of processes, fasten background programs shutdown.  Though computers with Windows 8 load faster than those with Windows 7, we can improve this process as well. You need to make a ban on the group policy update at boot in the EnhanceMy8 settings, you can also cancel the collection of failures statistics in the operating system and identification of the IDE software application if your system doesn’t contain such applications.

Another way to improve Windows 8 work is to cancel unnecessary services in the «Services» section. In EnhanceMy8 Pro this function is well-organized: you just need to click on the statements which fit you, like “I don’t have camera or digital camera”, “I am the only user of this PC and I have only one Internet connection”  and others. Beside the EnhanceMy8 commercial version watches the work of the hard disks and  takes actions if one of them is overheated or “Health”  indicator is extremely low. And of course the HDD defragmentation tool is included.

EnhanceMy8 Pro also has a free version which allows to disable Hot Corners, to make automatic login, adapt the taskbar and system tray. It’s also very convenient that this program has a system screen where we can see CPU, mother board, sensors, video display board and main memory data.Windows 8 is not so scary as some people think. There are always options to improve operating system work and make it as convenient and easy in use as you wish it to be!

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