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Increase Android Battery Life

Increase Android Battery Life

For all of the benefits that owning an Android device brings, battery life is typically not listed among them. Although certain phones such as the Razr Maxx or Galaxy Note II manage to evade major battery issues by cramming in extended batteries, the truth is that most devices still require a balancing act for optimal battery life. If you have an Android phone and are looking for ways to maximize your battery life, then here are a few pointers on the subject.

The most important tip we can give is to be proactive about the brightness levels on your phone’s display. Hands down, your display is going to be the biggest battery drainer on your phone. Keeping the brightness to an appropriate level will slow down the amount of battery that it burns through, not to mention make using your phone easier on the eyes.

Most phones feature an auto-brightness function, but this feature requires a proximity sensor to be active on the phone. That sensor requires battery to function, and thus minimizes the battery-saving effects of the auto-brightness feature. Instead we recommend using a brightness widget. A number of these are available on the Play Store, and they simply add a slider to your home screens so that you can manually alter brightness. That way, you can quickly adjust your display’s brightness without enabling the proximity sensor.

Aside from adjusting the display, the next step to save battery life is to disable features that aren’t currently in use. Your phone’s GPS, Wi-Fi radio, Bluetooth and cellular data radio all take up some level of battery. Disabling these when they’re not in use can result in an increase in your phone’s battery life.

Most newer Android devices feature quick toggles in the notification shade to make enabling or disabling these things simple. If your phone doesn’t have them, then rely on widgets. No matter what method you choose, disabling these features can have a definite positive effect on battery life.

The final recommendation is one that has become more irrelevant as Android has evolved, but still remains worth mentioning: Don’t leave apps running in the background that require a lot of resources. Navigation is one of the biggest culprits here, as leaving it unchecked for just a little bit can result in significant battery drain. Always be aware of what’s running in the background, and exit out of apps if necessary. Follow these tips, and you should see gains in how much time you’re able to use your Android phone for with each charge.

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