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Smart Android Security To Protect Your Smartphone

Smart Android Security To Protect Your Smartphone

So you have got yourself a great phone equipped with the power of Android. You have also downloaded the latest and best applications on the device. Work, life, socializing and business transactions have now become easy and effortless to conduct. There is a big range of apps that can accentuate the use of this device making it extremely fun and useful too. With the use of these apps you can also store a lot of confidential information on your phone. You can store passwords, bank account numbers, personal images, and even social security numbers and so on – the Android device can hold them all. Securing your Android phone therefore becomes extremely important.

There are a few important ways to secure your Android phone.

Downloading Apps

Before downloading a particular application on your cell phone, make an effort to check out how safe and secure it is. Read reviews about the application, check out what users are saying about the application and only then download it on your cell phone. Some apps may bring viruses with them or even result in sluggish performance of your device – so it is good to look before you leap to download anything on your Android phone.


Your phone can be protected by the use of passwords. This simple and easy option of protecting your phone is often overlooked. Your phone needs to be protected by a strong password and this password should also be changed periodically. Do not go for blatantly obvious passwords like your name or zodiac sign or birthday. Create something totally unique which cannot be guessed by someone who is intent on “breaking into” your cell phone. You should also use the facility of locking the screen so that only you can activate the same and gain access to the phone.

Stay with Tested Apps

Apart from downloading only safe apps, you could also try and download only from the Android store to make doubly sure that you are getting hold of something that is legitimate and supported by the company. You may be able to get hold of some great free apps but if you are downloading from an unauthorized source then you may be letting your phone become vulnerable to a lot of damage too.

Secure Through Mobile Monitoring Apps

Using tested mobile monitoring apps as well is a good way to secure your android phone. Cell Phone Spy is a good example of this and helps you know the GPS location of your phone when it is lost. You can retrieve data from your lost phone remotely, as well as wipe the confidential data from it.


As often as possible, connect only to a secure or trusted wireless network even in public access systems. It may be tempting to connect to free wireless networks in public spaces but sometimes you may also send information over a public network and thereby leaving it vulnerable to being “whisked away” by unscrupulous people.

Physical Safety

While keeping the phone safe in terms of downloads and wireless networks is critical, it is also important to pay attention to something basic – the physical safety of your phone. Keep your phone in an enclosed pocket. Try not to leave it lying around – whether it is in your office or home – where people can get access to it. If you are carrying it around in luggage, do not put it in an outer pocket where it can be pulled out easily by other people.

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