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Using Monitoring Software To Track Employees Online Activity

Using Monitoring Software To Track Employees Online Activity

Employees in an organization may be indulged in their personal work on the internet during office working hours, may perform some suspicious activities, or may spend extra time chatting, personal emails, accessing social networking sites which may lead to decreased productivity and employees’ performance.

Use computer activity monitoring software to increase ROI by improving employees’ productivity that further leads to increased work efficiency and output at work. This tool helps in controlling low productivity, decreased employee performance, suspicious employee activities, and transmission of company’s confidential information. The software works like a surveillance camera for the computer and creates a more professional environment in the office.

Computer activity monitoring software helps business owners keep track of and monitor the activities of their employees. It is ideal for business use and can also be used in homes, companies, industries and organizations to monitor activities of employees, children, spouses and others. The software notes and displays almost every activity performed by the user in the monitored computer. The utility displays desktop screenshots, visited websites, chat logs, Internet activities, log on/log off activities, files transferred through emails, FTP activities, typed keystrokes, downloaded and uploaded files, running system processes, emails sent/received, instant messaging, opened/closed application windows with complete information about the application name, time and date, and much more.

Computer activity monitoring software monitors each and every activity on the desktop of employees over a network and ensures that no sensitive organization information is being sent outside. The software enables monitoring employees from a remote computer system, requiring that both the monitored and monitoring computer systems must be in the same network. The tool enables you to watch a live view of an employee’s computer desktop screen and allows invisible monitoring such that employee do not even come to know that he/she is being monitored.

Computer activity monitoring software allows invisible software installation such that they can be installed on the employees’ computer system without their knowledge. Employees can be made aware by sending notification messages to them that they are being monitored and stop the ongoing activity. Another advantage of such a tool is that there is no need to sit in front of a viewer’s desktop 24/7 to monitor employees’ computer screens. It simply requires selecting the time frame in which you would like to monitor employees’ activities and then just relax.

The offline recording feature of the computer activity monitoring software allows setting different recording and scheduling parameters for individual target computers. The tool creates online and offline log ins, and saves them at the desired location by defining the file size limit for log file creation – 1KB, 10KB, and so on. Also, it works effectively in domain-based and work group-based networks. The software takes snapshots of employees’ desktop activities in the specified time frame and then saves them in an AVI file format in the viewer’s system. The tool saves the activities which you view and monitor by using the “save” option provided by the software. The desktop activities are saved in JPEG file format and all other in Text (.txt) file format.

System control feature offered by the computer activity monitoring software allows controlling the monitored system. You can execute commands to open any application remotely or can close any running program, can lock, restart and shut down the monitored computer. The software is much helpful for even internet cyber cafe owners. With increasing violence cases and activities taking place via internet, internet cyber cafe owners can monitor and record suspicious activities of any user who visits the cyber cafe.

Third-party computer monitoring software must provide user-friendly, easy-to-use, self-descriptive, interactive graphical user interface such that no technical skills are required for operating the utility. Various third-party computer monitoring software is available for free to download as a trial version. By downloading these trial versions users can evaluate their features, functionalities and capabilities. The trial versions works almost same as that of the full versions but contains some limitations. To overcome these limitations, user must purchase the full version of the software.

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