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Can iPhones get viruses? | iPhones can be hacked or not? – 2021

Can iPhone get viruses?Can iPhone get viruses ?
Can iphones get viruses? | 2021

Viruses, malware and ransomware are a malicious and harmful piece of code or file that can affect our system, files and compromise the privacy. In this era of technology and internet, the spreading of a virus is easy and rapid. Our PC, Mac, android and ios devices aren’t an exception for virus infection. Experts are even concerned about the security of IoT. We have normally heard about virus infection on android and windows pc but have you ever heard about viruses on iphone?

iPhones are said to be one of the most secured smartphones of this era. Data given by security analyst proves the chances of iPhones to get virtually infected by viruses or malware is nearly zero. The walled garden or closed ecosystem approach of the iPhone towards its software system has been able to guard its customers against any sort of possible threat.

In general sense the chances or iPhone getting infected with virus or malware is zero. But is this point true everywhere? Can iPhones get viruses? We will answer your questions in details with some more points which you must know to be safe.

Can iPhones get viruses?

Can iPhone get viruses?
Can iPhone get viruses?

The infection of viruses on android and windows are common. But the iPhone users haven’t reported this case often. With the tough security claims of iPhone there has been a question around, can iPhones get viruses? The answer is no iPhones cannot get viruses like android phone and windows normally but the statement isn’t always correct. Sometime your iPhone can get infected with viruses which slows it down and can also hamper your files and privacy.

Additional thing is that iPhones are designed in such a way that the seperate applications have seperate running space which prevents virus from affecting other apps. Even Marc Rogers, one of the first person“ to hack Apple’s Touch ID states hacking or infecting iPhone with viruses is nearly impossible.

Can iPhones be hacked?

The growing technology and internet sector have made many impossible things possible. Breaching of security and cyber security along with information security are major concern. So, despite of strong security and protection, nothing is unbreachable. iPhones aren’t exception on such case.

We know that iPhones cannot be hacked but there might be somewhere someone who is looking for way to do so either for ethical or unethical purpose. Always keep in mind that no system is invulnerable.

iPhones cannot be easily hacked but this isn’t true for everyone. But from the data analysis of experts we can say that the hacking of iPhones are nearly equivalent to zero. You can have relief that your iPhone cannot be hacked in normal sense.

How iPhones can be infected with viruses or malware?

Can iPhone get viruses?
IPhone getting virus

There are less possible ways for your iPhones to get virtually infected with virus. Here we have listed some of the possible ways through which your ios device can get virus.

  • Installing of applications outside appstore. This can let adware get installed on your iPhone in some case.
  • Jailbreak of iPhone with hope to access hidden features. This given to access to hidden and additional features on your iPhone with additional special viruses sometime.

How to check if your iPhone has a virus?

So, how to find out if your iPhone has virus? Here are some ways through which you can find out if your iPhone has virus or not.

  • Monitor your battery usuage and performance. Check if your device is running slower than usual or is overheating then there is possibility of virus on your iPhone.
  • Install antivirus software and scan your device. Scan the apps and files and look for suspicious files and apps which you don’t recognize.
  • Check if some of your apps are crashing continuously in unusual way.
  • Open safari browser and check if there are any pop-up ads while browser is closed.

How to remove virus from iPhone?

Removing virus from iPhone is easier. Here are some the points which you can follow to remove virus from iPhone if you found your device to be infected.

  • Remove suspicious files or apps.
  • Switch off and restart your device. This works in most case in iPhone.
  • Clear the data of safari browser.
  • Check for available update and update regularly.
  • Reset your iPhone. Restore the factory setting at last if none of the ways worked to remove virus.

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How to protect iPhones from viruses?

It is always good to stay alert and follow up precautions rather than finding solution later. We can protect iPhones from getting viruses or malware easily as iPhones aren’t infected with viruses normally. You can do the following ways to protect your iPhone from viruses.

  • Don’t download applications or mod files outside appstore. The major cause of iPhone getting infected is downloading files outside appstore.
  • Don’t install third-party apps for installing software or apps not available on appstore. Always remeber that, “appstore knows better”.
  • Jailbreak is fun but i suggest not to jailbreak your iPhone.
  • Install latest ios updates or just turn on auto updates.
  • Keep apps on your device up-to-date and regurlary monitor permission requested by them.

I hope we cleared some of your doubts and queries regarding viruses on iPhone. iPhone security is really hard to compromise which isn’t possible normally due to which you can have relief on your device security. But as we know prevention is better than cure, it is always good to stay alerted and safe. Stay updated and support us.

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