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how to get a google voice number

You might have come across google voice number while searching for various topics and you might want to know what is google voice number and how to get a google voice number. Google voice is service provided by Google for its users to enable them to send text or voice messages and calls for free. You just need to have a google account and you can choose any number you like.

You can get a free phone number with google voice which you can use to send text messages, call someone or send voicemail. You can either use apps or link your google voice number with your physical landline or mobile number. Using google voice number linked with your private account helps you to keep the shield from online data leaks, hacking and privacy-related attacks.

Google voice number allows you to make international calls at cheap rate and also provide you will second number which you can link with your business to keep your private number protected. You will be able to receive all calls and messages of google voice number in your private number.

What is google voice?

Google Voice provides you with a different secondary Google Voice phone number which you can use to forward incoming messages and calls to any phone number you like. Google voice was launched on 11 March, 2009 by Google LLC. Google Voice allows you to choose your phone number location. You can choose phone number of different city too. Google voice allows you to link your actual number with google voice number. It is really good idea to use google voice numbers for business purposes.

Google voice syncs your messages and call history along with devices. This means you can check it anytime with any device with your google account. It can also filters out spam calls and messages and block any numbers you want. However the one big problem with google voice number is you can’t access this service from any country.  G Suite users in Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and the UK can access to google voice service except USA.

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What are the features and usage of google voice number?

Is google voice number worth it? Should i really use google voice number? If such questions are arising in your mind then here are some of the points which you might want to check.

  • You can receive your texts, voicemail and call at a same place. You can save your text message and voice messages details in organized manner.
  • You can make international calls at low rates.
  • Google voice number helps to protect your private number from being leaked to unwanted people.
  • You can use google voice number to signup to various site and prevent excessive use of your personal number in sites or apps. This prevents your data selling and leaking to hackers or bad personnel.
  • You need to have US phone number inorder to use google voice number. Some VOIP numbers too work but you can’t verify device even though you verify phone number.

How to get a google voice number on your PC?

If you use your pc more than your mobile phone then you might want to make voice number on your pc. So, how to get a google voice number from pc? Here is a detailed process.

  1. Open your browser and visit Google voice.
  2. Now click on sign in link. Select your google account and sign in. Then click continue.How to get a google voice number
  3. Select the area code or city of which you want to have google voice phone number. You can select area code of any city.
  4. Then it will display many numbers. Choose your favourite one and continue.
  5. Now you need to enter the phone number which you want to connect with google voice number. This is need to receive SMS, voicemail and calls in actual number.
  6. Once you verify your number, you can use your google voice number.

How to get a google voice number with your android or ios?

If you are android or ios user and want to learn how to get a google voice number for free then here is the process.

  1. At first you need to go to play store or app store and download the Google voice app.

    how to get a google voice number
    How to get a google voice number

  2. Open the google voice app and signin with your google account. Then click continue
  3. Now you will be asked to search for your google voice number. Click on search button and search for area code or city name of which you want phone to get a google voice number
  4. Then select your google voice number. Now it will ask you to enter your personal phone number to link. You need to enter your US-based phone number to link. Then click continue.How to get google voice
  5. Now they will ask you to confirm your phone number. Confirm the code that you got in your actual number. This will connect your google voice number with your actual phone number.
  6. After that just confirm your device and you are done. You can use google voice number to route your messages and phone calls to your actual personal number now.Google voice

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) – Google voice

Here are some FAQs regarding google voice number. You can check them out to find answer to some of your queries.

Can we make google voice accounts with normal google account?

Yes anyone with google account can signup for google voice account. You don’t need to have business or professional accounts.

Is it good idea to make google voice number as  a primary number?

In my opinion, it isn’t a goog idea to make google voice number as a primary number. There are many limitations, calling rates, SMS limitation. It is better to use google voice number as secondary number.

Can I transfer my Google phone number to another phone number operator?

Yes, you can. You can transfer your google voice number to another service provider. It will cost you $3 for the entire process. You can navigate to Google Voice unlock page and choose “Unlock my number” option.

Google voice is an good option for getting phone number. Hope you learned many things regarding it in this article. If you have any more queries then feel free to leave a comment below.

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