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how to make paper in minecraftHow to make paper in Minecraft
How to make paper in Minecraft

Minecraft paper is a raw material in Minecraft which isn’t alone much useful but when combined with other materials, it can form many cool things. You require certain raw materials to make paper in Minecraft. You can use paper to make many things such as Banner pattern creeper, banner pattern flower, book, firework rocket, empty map, etc. So, how to make paper in Minecraft?

Paper can be created easily in a few steps. What are the uses of paper in Minecraft? Papers are versatile resources. They are building block of many other recipes. Today we will discuss uses of paper along with how you can create them.

What is paper in Minecraft?

Paper in Minecraft is the raw material which is made with Sugarcane. It is a versatile material which can be used to craft many things such as Books, Bookshelf, banners, fireworks and maps. They have high useability and can be fun to use. Paper in Minecraft has similar uses like real life. With your creativity, you can unlock it’s potential.

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Supported platforms for paper in Minecraft

Here are some of the platforms on which paper is supported for Minecraft.

Minecraft Edition Platforms Available
 Bedrock edition Nintendo Switch, Fire OS, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Windows 10 Yes
 Java edition Windows, Linux, Mac Yes
 Playstation edition Playstation 3 and 4 Yes
 Education edition Windows 10, Mac, iOS Yes

Requirements for creating paper in Minecraft

Minecraft paper is made up of 3 sugarcane. You can place 3 sugarcane across the central row in a crafting table to get 3 pieces of paper. Just push through sugarcanes in the field in order to collect them. You can create automatic sugarcane farm to get more number of sugarcane and you can use that sugarcane to create high number of paper.

Where can I find sugarcane in Minecraft?
Where can I find sugarcane in Minecraft?

You can find sugarcane beside water resources. You can go to lakes, river and ocean and search at the bank to collect sugarcane. After you collect the required resources then we can move towards how to make paper in Minecraft.

  • Crafting table
  • 3 Sugarcane is needed to create paper

How to make Minecraft book

After collecting the required resources, we can create paper. We need to focus on two main part. The first part is creating a crafting table and the second part is using sugarcane to make paper. Let’s discuss how to make paper in Minecraft.

  • At first, make a crafting table for making paper in Minecraft. Open inventory and select 2*2 default crafting menu.

    how to make crafting table in minecraft
    How to make crafting table in Minecraft

  • Now place four wooden planks in each slot. It will create a Crafting table. Drag back to your own inventory to use it.

    how to make crafting table
    How to make a crafting table

  • You need to open the crafting menu at first for creating paper in Minecraft. You will see 3*3 grid.
  • Now place 3 sugarcane in the middle row so that you can process for 3 paper. After you place 3 sugarcane in the middle row, you will see paper appearing on the right side.

    how to craft paper in minecraft
    how to craft paper in Minecraft

  •  Now, that’s it. Select a paper from the right side and move down to inventory. You can now use paper with other materials to create many awesome things.

    how to make paper in minecraft
    How to make paper in Minecraft

Creating a paper in Minecraft with commands

You can also use commands directly to create paper in some of the version of Minecraft. You need to open chat windows and enter the respective commands in order to run command for creating a paper. Let’s see some of the commands along with their supported platform and learn how to make paper in Minecraft with commads.

  • Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Minecraft education, Xbox one, Playstation

The command to craft paper is /give @p paper 1

  • Java edition 1.13 and higher

The command to create paper is /give @p paper 1 0

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Things you can do with Paper

You can create many awesome things with paper in Minecraft. Here are some of the materials along with their recipe.

  • Firework rocket: You will require paper and gunpowder.
  • Empty Maps: Only paper is enough but they won’t show location.
  • Book: Leather and paper can be used to create a book.
  • Cartography table: Paper and any planks are used to create cartography table.
  • Banner designs: Many banner designs can be made with paper and various things such as banner pattern flower, banner pattern skull, etc.

Paper is incomplete itself but with other resources, it can be used to create many useful materials. The paper in Minecraft shows wide useability ranging from cartography, enchanting and banners. All you need is sugarcane to create this useful item. I hope this article cleared your every doubt regarding what is paper in Minecraft, how you can make paper in Minecraft and what are its uses. If you have any questions or any special points to mention then leave a comment below.

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