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How to send self destructing email with gmail (100% working) | 2021

How to send self destructing emails from gmail
How to send self destructing emails with gmail

Emails are still one of the most used ways of communicating between two parties where a user sends electronic mails to the recipient address. Communication between students and teachers, two business individuals or companies, educational institutions, marketing of products, communications between a company and customers are mostly done through emails. Once emails are sent, they are difficult to delete from the receiver’s address and not possible in most cases. Do you think it is possible to send self-destructing emails?

Gmail has introduced Gmail’s confidential mode which allows you to send emails, set their auto expiry date, provide access, restrict download, disable copy and paste attachments. This can prevent unauthorized access to emails you send. Although this mode prevents sharing of your confidential emails in most cases still users can screenshot the emails and download the attachments using malicious software in some cases. Do you want to learn how to send self-destructing emails from Gmail? Today we will discuss everything regarding Gmail confidential mode and how you can use it. If you want to learn about the top 5 audible alternatives then click here.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free email sending and receiving service developed by Google. It is free to use and provided up to 15GB of storage service. You can send up to 50MB of file attachments at a time with the help of Gmail. It is available across multiple platforms such as web, apps, third-party programs using POP or IMAP protocols.  Gmail scans the email you send and receive for the potential virus, malware, phishing, and spam. It is a secured and fast email sending service.

What is Gmail confidential mode?

Gmail confidential mode is the new feature of the Google email service that allows you to send confidential messages with a self district timer, restricting download and copying of the materials you provide in email and securing the email with the password. It was introduced in August 2020 by Gmail. This mode was introduced so that you can send your confidential data or copyrighted materials securely and delete them after use. It is not only beneficial features to individuals but for organizations that use Gmail to transfer and receive their business confidential data. So, want to learn how to use Gmail confidential mode to send self-destructing emails?

Key features of Gmail confidential mode

It sounds interesting even only with the self-destruct features. What are the best features of Gmail confidential mode? Here are some of the key features listed below.

  • The sender can set a self-destruct time for auto-deleting the emails after being sent.
  • You can set OTP verification for the receiver’s numbers to provide them access to email.
  • Receivers can’t forward, download, or print the content of emails but the screenshot is possible.

Why use Gmail confidential mode

Gmail confidential mode protects your privacy-related content from getting unauthorized access or being shared. You can also prevent further access by setting self destruct timer. Download and sharing are also disabled. Your email and attachments of confidential data which you want to keep secret are protected by this mode.  You can set a verification method for the receiver to view the emails. There are two types of verification methods, one Is the standard verification method where google automatically verifies and another is the password verification method where SMS code verification is required. These are the reasons you should use Gmail confidential mode.

How to send self destructing emails from Gmail

You can use your Gmail-supported devices to send emails using Gmail confidential mode. The process is a little bit different for smartphones and computers. We will discuss the method to send self-destructing emails for both platforms.

1. Send an email with self destruct mode of Gmail from Computer

If you use Gmail from your PC then you can follow the steps given below to send self-destructing emails.

  • Open the Gmail app and sign-in with your account. Then click on compose button (+sign) to send emails. Now you need to select the confidential mode icon from the given options in order to send self destructing emails. how to send self destructing emails
  • Then select a time for your email to destruct after being send. send auto deleting emails from gmail
  • Then if you want to set a password for the receiver click on the SMS password option and click save. Else select no SMS password and save.
  • If you have selected the SMS password option then it will ask you to enter the phone number where you want to send OTP. In this case, it is suggested to enter the receiver’s phone number so that they can only receive OTP to view to send password protected emails from gmail
  • Now after that just type and add your email content and send it. It will be password protected and self-destruct or delete after the selected time period.

2. Send emails from Gmail self destruct mode with a Mobile phone

You can send auto-deleting emails from your mobile phones or smartphones too. For that follow the steps given below.

  • At first, open your Gmail app for sending auto-deleting emails. Then click on the plus sign or compose option to send an email.
  • Now click on the 3 vertical dot sign from the top right corner and select confidential mode.send self deleting emails from gmail
  • Then select a time period for your email to auto-delete. You can also choose whether to set SMS password verification to view email or not. Then click Save.send auto deleting emails from gmail
  • Now type the email content or add attachments and send it. Viewers can view your email and it will auto-delete after the time period is deleting emails after certain time with gmail

How to read the email send from Gmail confidential mode

Well, not every time you will be sending confidential emails. Sometimes someone else might send you emails with Gmail confidential mode. How to view such emails? You can follow the steps given below to read an email in your inbox which is sent through Gmail confidential mode.

  • Now open the email. You will see self destruct timer below the email content. If there is no password then you can view it without any verification until it expires.view email of gmail confidential mode
  • If the sender has set a password verification method then you need to send OTP to the phone number which the sender has specified and enter the OTP to view email content.view content of gmail confidential mode
  • If you don’t use Gmail and use another email service then you need to open the email link and enter the Gmail credentials. After that, you need to enter the code you receive in order to view the email.

Gmail confidential mode has taken an important step towards protecting user data and messages sent via emails. Now only allowed users can access the data and attachments sent via email. You can also set self destruct timer and the receiver can only view the emails for the selected time period with your password. I hope this article cleared your doubts on Gmail confidential mode and how to send self-destructing emails.

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