PUBG lite is unavailable in your region | How to fix it [ Problem Solved ] 2021

solved: pubg lite is unavailable in you region
PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region - fixed

PUBG lite sometimes show many errors because of bugs and server issues. PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region is one of such error. Worst things about this error is not appearing due to location unavailability but showing after previously working fine. This message is even shown in a location where PUBG lite is available.

You can get annoyed easily because the game might have run smoothly before but now it says it isn’t available in your region. Even while using VPN the issue is the same. There are many factors which can determine your availability of PUBG lite. Game might not be available in all locations. So, how can we play PUBG lite from any location? How to solve PUBG lite is unavailable in your region error?

What is PUBG lite?

PUBG Lite is the free edition of game PUBG. It is small in size and light compared to PUBG. With low-end PC and less storage space, you can play PUBG lite smoothly. PUBG Lite is an optimized version of PUBG. Hence, PUBG lite has been needed for the PUBG lovers with low-end PC with less RAM. You can play this game without paying but there are certain drawbacks. One such issue that you can encounter is “PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region” error. How can you fix this issue?

How to fix PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region

PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region is shown in some cases due to bugs and server issues of a new game update. Such issues are fixed by game within some time but even after fixing of bug by PUBG, the error might appear. Don’t worry this error is easy to fix just like it sounds. We just need to fix our PC date and time at first.

Fix 1: Change Date and time zone

When there is a difference in the time zone of your PC and the time zone expected by the server then there might arise conflict which causes this location error. You need to at first change your location back to your previous location on which it was working smoothly. If you use VPN to change location then you can change your time zone to your VPN location.

  • The first reason for PUBG lite is unavailable in your region error is time zone conflict. Click on the windows start button or simply click the windows button from keyboard. Then search for change the time to fix pubg lite unavailable in your region
  • Now scroll down and click on Set time zone automatically. You can set your time zone by clicking on the menu. Turn on adjust for daylight saving time automatically.Solved: Pubg lite is unavailable in your region
  • If you use VPN to play PUBG lite because of location unavailability then change to the time zone to VPN location.
  • Now check if your PC date is correct or not. If the date is incorrect then fix it.fix pubg lite region error
  • Now restart your PC once and open PUBG lite. The location error will be fixed.

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Fix 2: Turn on Location service of PC

If the application cannot access your location then they might show an error. You can turn on location setting and check if the error is fixed.

  • To allow the location access for apps, you can go to the search bar from windows. Then search location.fix pubg lite location error
  • Now click on allow location option. From there allow location access for to solve pubg lite not available in your location
  • PUBG lite will now access the location and the error might be fixed.

Fix 3: Change location with VPN

Even though PUBG lite has gone global, it might still not be available in some location. You can change your location to the countries where it is available. You can use a VPN for that.

  • Open the VPN and change the choose the location Where PUBG lite is available.change pubg lite location
  • Now open the PUBG. It will run without showing PUBG is unavailable in your region.

Can VPN decrease the Ping of the game?

Yes using reliable VPN with good server decrease the ping of the game. I don’t suggest to buy premium VPN because only being premium VPN cannot solve your PUBG ping issues. You must find a reliable VPN with a good server. I have found Australia server of Vypr VPN really deceased my Ping in game.

Solved: PUBG is unavailable in your region

If the game was working fine and now it says it is not available in your location then the first thing you can do is check your PC time zone. Change it back to your own if it isn’t. Next thing is checking your location if you use a VPN to play. I hope these fixes solved your PUBG lite is unavailable in your region issue. Let me know if you have any problems and also comment below your experience on how your problem was fixed.

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