Top 6 Showbox Alternatives which you can try (100% best 2021)

showbox alternative
Showbox alternative - January 2021

Showbox had been great movies and TV shows streaming app. Unfortunately, it isn’t available anymore. Design and content provided by Showbox to its user make the show as an irreplaceable application. The main purpose of this article is to provide you with best Showbox alternative out there.

If you are having a hard time to find a better alternative to Showbox in order to stream movies and tv shows then this article is for you. In this article, we have included the best alternative for Showbox which are supported on various platforms such as android, iOS, desktop, etc. You can choose any one app from the six best Showbox alternative we have listed in this article.

How to Stream safely

Before using any streaming platform always make sure if the platform is legal or illegal. We don’t suggest you use any illegal platform in search of Showbox alternative. Your internet traffic isn’t in your control. What you stream and from where you stream can raise a question sometimes. You must browse legal content. You can also sometimes save your internet traffic and stream with more privacy. For this purpose, you can use a better VPN. If you don’t have a VPN you can get through various free premium VPN methods. Just connect with a better VPN and stream movies and series with more confidence.

What is the best alternative to Showbox?

Showbox was a terrifically popular application. What if we can find a similar application like Showbox but with different content? Here are some of the better Showbox alternative which you can try out.

6. Megabox HD

Similar apps like showbox

Megabox HD is an online streaming application available on Android, iOS and PC. It is a similar application like Showbox. It can be illegal to stream copyrighted content in some countries. You must surf safely by connecting with a VPN.

If you are searching for an application like Showbox then this is one of the finest options for you but remember to always stream legally.

5. Yidio

Showbox alternative - yidioYidio app provides you with free and premium subscription. It is available on Android, iPhone, iPad also. Yidio collects contents from various content streaming providing services and make it available in a single place. It combines content from Netflix, amazon prime, iTunes, showtimes and similar 100 other platforms. This is enough reason to be called a Showbox alternative.

The high number of qualitative content and better streaming experience provided by Yidio to its user has made it possible to secure its number on our Showbox alternative list.


4. Movie HD

alternative to showbox

Movie HD is yet another app like Showbox. You can stream a huge number of movies, TV shows for free in this app. It is available on Android, iPhone, pc, firestick and for Chromecast too. I suggest using a VPN if you choose to stream with this application.

You can visit its official site and download the application. Then you can enjoy free streaming. This app is one of the best and the closest thing to showbox.

3. Crackle

Worthy showbox alternative - crackle
Worthy Showbox alternative – crackle

Crackle is another good alternative to Showbox. It isn’t ads-free but has easy to use interface and good streaming speed. It is available on mobile devices, desktop, tablets, smart tv and gaming console. Crackle is free to use and has a limited amount of content which can be its drawback but it has enough movies and TV shows which you would love.

Crackle isn’t like as usual Showbox alternative application. Due to the limitation of its available country, you can use a VPN and connect to the USA to use if it isn’t available in your country. We have included this on the list because you might want to try something new sometime rather than streaming mainstream movies and TV shows all time. I hope you will find crackle as an interesting application for your query regarding application like Showbox.

2. Tea TV – Showbox alternative worthy

Alternative to Showbox - TeaTV

TeaTV is a worthy opponent of Showbox. It provides you with free access to movies, TV shows and news. Keep in mind that you should always stream legally. It is available for android, windows and macOS. If you are using TeaTV then is suggest you connect with a better premium VPN.

Tea Tv provides has a user-friendly interface and good streaming speed. You can try it out and tell us if you find TeaTV as a better alternative to Showbox.

1. Stremio – Rival to Showbox

Showbox alternative - Stremio

Stremio is an amazing streaming application with clean and easy to use design and the best thing is it is legal. Stremio can be considered as one of the best Showbox alternatives. It is available on iOS,  Android, Linux, Windows and macOS. It is free to use and that’s more than enough quality to be considered as Showbox alternative. You can add various add-ons inside the application as per your choice in order to stream your favourite movies and TV shows which make it as a rival to Showbox in terms of content and accessibility.

With the extra addons inside Stremio, you can access a large amount of content. You can also signup with VPN if you care about anonymity. Speed while streaming is also good. These things make Stremio as a better alternative to Showbox.

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Showbox has been popular for a long time. Finding more apps similar to Showbox not only solves the problem of content limitation on single application platform but also let you explore more choices. I hope this article solved your query regarding Showbox alternative. If you have any more questions then feel free to leave a comment below. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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