Chrome running slow | Increase google chrome speed (100% working 2021)

Chrome running slow | How to increase google chrome speed?

Google Chrome has been one of the most popular browsers for a decade without any single doubt. Numerous cool features, user-friendly interface and better user experiences are the main reasons behind its popularity. Google Chrome isn’t just browser to view webpages but also a cool browser which supports password and personal details manager and various extensions.

However, all of the advance features are causing chrome to use more processing power and RAM of your PC or Mac. Chrome uses lot’s of memory in order to run which causes slow page load and getting stuck. You PC can get slow, freezes and battery run out fast when you are using Google Chrome and other applications at the same time.

Today we will discuss some of the major reasons behind slowing down of Google Chrome along with best possible ways to fix the problem. We will discuss why Google chrome uses so much RAM and how can we make Google Chrome less RAM. You will learn various ways to maintain a perfect browsing experience with Google Chrome.

Advantages of Google Chrome over other browsers

There are so many browsers but why to use Google Chrome? These are some of the points which shows the advantages of Google Chrome.

  • It allows high-speed browsing.
  • Google Chrome have a huge extension base which you can add in your browser to get additional features.
  • It is safe and secure to use.
  • It allows you to open multiple tabs on the same window.
  • Easy integration with Google apps and services from the browser.
  • Inbuilt PDF viewer and password manager.
  • Google Chrome have a powerful developer console.

Reasons for Google chrome running slow

Google chrome running slow
Google chrome running slow

So, why does your Google chrome run slow or freezes and crashes? Slowing down of Google Chrome not only affect your browsing experiences but your whole PC using experiences. These might be some of the reasons behind it.

  • Your PC might have less Storage and processing memory to run Google chrome.
  • A high number of tabs are left open.
  • Unnecessary extensions are installed.
  • Chrome is of the older version and might require an update.
  • A large number of apps might be running in the background.
  • PC might be infected with malware or virus which might be slowing it.
  • RAM might not be enough to run an application along with multiple tabs on Google Chrome.

Why Google chrome use more RAM?

Google chrome is used for browsing the internet, open web applications, streaming videos. These sort of activities creates separate process on your browser. When you open more tabs the more process will be running on your browser which uses more RAM. This will safeguard your surfing experience by keeping the process running on different tabs as a whole different process. But the disadvantage of this is high memory usage and slowdown of your PC.

It means the more tabs you open on your Google chrome browser, the more memory it consumes which might slow down your browsing experience along with making your PC slow.

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Increase google chrome speed

We can increase Google chrome speed in various ways. Here are some of the points which you can follow to increase Google Chrome speed.

1. Update your Google Chrome regularly.

Keeping your browser up-to-date is important. This allows your browser to receive important updates and prevents from slowing down.

2. Open fewer tabs on your browser

Google Chrome keeps the process in a separate tab as a separate task resulting in more memory use. Reducing the number of Tabs of Google chrome is the best way to increase its speed.

3. How to make google chrome use less RAM?

Google chrome is one of the top memory consuming applications in your PC. It is the compulsory need to allocate proper RAM usage for google chrome if your device often runs out of memory.

Chrome Task manager

You can use Chrome Task manager to end unused task of your browser.

  • First of all click on the three-dot menu from the top right corner of your Chrome browser.
  • Now navigate to More tools and go to Task manager to increase speed.

    Make google chrome use less ram
    Make google chrome use less ram

  • Now select the unused task and click on end process. This will help to increase your google chrome speed.

    stop unused chrome task
    stop unused chrome task

You can also turn on prediction service to increase page load time and change google flags setting to improve google chrome speed.

4. Remove unwanted extensions, clear cache and data

Adding unnecessary extensions can cause your browser to slow down as they consume more space and processing space. When your browser is heavy because of the cookies and stored data, it began to slow down. Clearing browser data and uninstalling or removing the extensions which aren’t used is another better way to increase Google Chrome speed.

5. Enable hardware acceleration

You can enable hardware acceleration in order to increase google chrome speed. For doing so you can follow the given process.

  • Click on the three-dot menu from top right corner then go to setting.

    Enable hardware acceleration on chrome
    Enable hardware acceleration on chrome

  • Now from advanced setting click on system and turn on hardware acceleration to increase your google chrome speed.

    Increase google chrome speed
    Increase google chrome speed

I hope this article helps with your chrome running slow problem. If you have any more queries then feel free to leave a comment below or contact us.

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