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Facebook hashtags | how they work and how to use it properly

Hashtags are started with the growing use of social media and the internet. People use Hashtags on their Facebook and Instagram posts, Twitter tweets, pics of interest, youtube videos and so on. Hashtags have been a medium for capturing an audience with the help of trendy words nowadays. But you ever wondered how do hashtags work? How do facebook hashtags work and how to use hashtags properly?

Nowadays, the hash or pound symbol (#) which is used before a word is known as hashtag everywhere. You see hashtags in TV ads, online videos, poster or video. Hashtags are creating trends and attracting a large number of audience. People use hashtags to promote their campaign. Hashtags give a strong and bold look to a word which instantly catch people’s eye. It helps to keep various content under the same categories or tag. This is the reason behind growing popularities of using hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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What are Hashtags?

Facebook hashtags | How to useA hashtag is a type of tag used with a word before a hash or pound symbol (#) which is kept as metadata on social networks and blogging sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It allows users to tag their post automatically under categories which are also created by users. Hashtags simply create categories over a platform and allow to place all the content under those categories with its use. Users can create and use hashtags by placing a hash symbol(#) in front of a word without space between the words.

You can use underscores between words to separate in hashtags. When you search for a hashtag you can find out the post or messages that are tagged under that hashtag. Either in Facebook, Instagram or in Twitter and youtube, the way hashtags work is the same in all platform.

History of hashtags – How hashtags started or invented?

The use of hashtags was first mentioned on a tweet by Chris Messina in 2007.

Facebook hashtags
The tweet that gave birth to Hashtags

Although twitter initially termed Messina’s purposal as things for nerds. Later it began to spread from Twitter platform to all over the internet. Now we can say Chris Messina as the godfather of hashtags. Now after a decade, hashtags have spread like coronavirus in Instagram, youtube, Reddit and Facebook.

More than 85% of top social networking sites allow the use of hashtags and is used by famous political leaders, influencers, celebrities too including normal people. Due to the widespread of hashtags, it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2014.

What are Facebook hashtags?

Facebook hashtags are not different than any other hashtags. They are also word including a hash symbol. Such hashtags help to tag all the article under the same word. Facebook introduced hashtags only for a purpose like traffic through SEO and huge revenue. Hashtags are a quite good technique for getting traffic from search engine. It isn’t only beneficial for an individual but also for Facebook. People are busy searching for highly searched Facebook hashtags because hashtags help to drive traffic to your content more easily.

Creating puns and memes such as jumping puns to increase reach has always been a way to promote any business. Facebook even pushed forward its idea of paid advertising on hashtags. You can use Facebook hashtags to build up a whole sector for specific content that drives huge traffic and engagement. But Facebook can use that traffic to include paid promotion.   This will help to promote your brand name but also will be a money-making idea for Facebook.

How to Facebook hashtags works?

So, how do Facebook hashtags works? The idea over facebook hashtag is quite simple. They are designed to help people easily discover what others are saying over specific topics and participate in publicly started conversations. So, Facebook’s hashtags basically tag all the conversation under specific categories with its use. When you use hashtags, you are tagging your post over a specific tag. You can search for a particular hashtag from your search bar on Facebook. You can also click on the hashtags that originate from outer service like Instagram. You can also directly compose a post with your own hashtags.

How to use Facebook hashtags properly?

Chris Messina really came up with a crazy idea that changes the way we use not only Twitter but the whole internet. Hashtags are all over the internet as youtube hashtags, Facebook hashtags and so on. If you want to use hashtags properly then here are some of the points which you should think of considering.

1. Always keep your hashtags relevant.

Keep hashtags which are relevant to your post. Don’t try to use trendy hashtags thinking to get more attention. You will eventually get a reputation as a spammer who uses unnecessary and irrelevant hashtags. The attention you get with trendy hashtags will provide you with an audience but not proper leads.

2. Make your Facebook hashtags simple

You shouldn’t make your hashtags like a sentence. Keep it short and simple. It is better to use less than 3 words in your hashtags. As you know short things catch attention either that is skirt or hashtags. For example: If you are publishing a post for promoting tesla then your hashtags should be #tesla rather than #tesla_made_by_elon_musk.

3. Keep your hashtags obvious

If you are publishing a post about technology then your hashtags shouldn’t be about nature. Your hashtags should be obvious which means that viewers should find your main theme from it. Facebook hashtags are also similar to that. For example: If you are posting a video with a theme to promote TechDusk then your hashtags should be #techdusk. It is also quite obvious that people posting about Facebook features will be their hashtags like #facebook.

4. Don’t spam with hashtags

Using too many hashtags is against the real meaning of using hashtags. Neither you can define your purpose of using hashtags nor your followers will find it lovely. Everyone will see you as a spammer only with no purpose. Research shows that posts with less than 2 hashtags gain more attention than the post with more than 2 by more than 16%. That’s why you gain more viewers interest in any social networking platform either Facebook or Twitter when you use fewer hashtags which define your post rather than spamming with 20 plus random hashtags.

5. Specify your hashtags 

Your hashtags should reflect your exact purpose. Hashtags should define or specify your goal. That’s why at first you should specify your hashtags. Facebook hashtags shouldn’t be made long. Choose one word that defines your purpose.  For example: If you are planning to fight against corruption then your Facebook hashtags should be like #no_corruption_2020.


Hashtags are really great tactics to use for marketing and SEO in today’s era. Facebook hashtags are also creating their way up and are competitive with other social media. It is quite sure that Facebook hashtags will make it’s way to the top among other social networking platforms. I hope you got some technical and logical ideas from this article. Feel free to share it with your friends and support us.

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