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How to recover deleted messages on telegram (100% working) – 2023

How to recover deleted messages on telegram

Telegram is one of the most secure and best cloud-based conversation platforms for privacy lovers and because of that, it might be hard for you to find if we can really recover deleted messages on telegram. Telegram is an instant messaging, video calling, and audio calling VOIP platform. When you send a message through telegram, the messages are heavily encrypted and they can even self-destruct if the situation demands. This makes telegram a trustable platform for most of the privacy concerns conversations and meetings.

But with such security and encryption, do you think that they provide you with a way to retrieve deleted messages from the telegram server? Telegram doesn’t provide you with a straightforward way to recover deleted messages but you can retrieve deleted conversations from groups and also photos, videos, and documents from your private conversations in an indirect way. I will cover every single way which you can follow to check the deleted messages on telegram. You can follow up with the methods that I have provided to recover some of the messages though.

What is the telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based online messaging platform that provides video calling and audio calling with Voice Over IP. Telegram was launched in Russia in 2013. It was developed by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. Telegram provides its services free of charge. It also provides API for individual developers who want to add some extra features on telegram. You can enjoy messaging with telegram like any other messaging apps. You can send stickers, media files, and any type of files without limitation. Telegram was reported to have 400 million active monthly users as of April 2020.

Messages and media files which are sent over telegram are encrypted during transmission but it can be accessed by developers of telegram who holds its decryption keys. Telegram only uses end-to-end encryption in calls and in its “secret chats” feature but not in regular chats. Such encryption is only encrypted from client to server and limited to devices like smartphones and macOS. However, WhatsApp encrypts all messages on all types of platforms making it more secure than a telegram. But we are talking about who really keeps our privacy which is the reason behind using telegram than any other apps out there.

Devices that support telegram

You can use Telegram on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. Telegram app is available for Windows platform, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux. It is quite popular because of its wide features.

Who uses telegram and why?

There is no limitation on what sort of group uses telegram. Anyone can use telegram because it is a messaging app. The telegram came to highlight after it was reported that ISIS recommended telegram for its followers for spreading of their propaganda. This is because telegram is highly secure and its secret chat option is almost unbreakable till now. Telegram responded to this by blocking their public channels.

Even telegram stated that they can only stop public channels but couldn’t do anything to secret chat and private messages as per privacy and freedom of speech law. Nowadays most of the unethical groups and the government agencies that require privacy use telegram. Even though there are many controversies, telegram is one of the best online messaging platforms. It allows you to create large chat groups, add your own bots in groups or your telegram account. Various unique features and simple user interfaces are reasons behind the growing popularity of Telegram.

Why use telegram? Features and advantages

Good security is not the only reason because of which you should use telegram. There are certain features and advantages of telegram. Let’s point out a few of them.

  • Simple and fast: Anyone who uses mobile phones or pc can use telegram. It has a simple user interface like any other messaging apps. Telegram is fast in delivering messages too.
  • Private and secure: You can rely on the security of telegram completely. Telegram provides a secret chat option that is highly end-end encrypted. You can also set the timer on messages for self-destruction and after the messages are deleted they are completely removed.
  • No limitation for file size: Send and receive files of any size and any type. Unlike other messaging apps, Telegram doesn’t have limitations for file size and file type.
  • Easy customization of the chat: You can add photos or customize your groups, channel as you like. You can add your own sticker packages, gifs to make chatting more fun.
  • Create groups and channels: You can create your own community by creating telegram groups and channels. This makes telegram a highly social app.
  • Open API and free source code: Telegram provides open API. You can add your own source code, bots, or payment API on telegram. This makes it more fun and enjoyable platform for developers.

Check deleted messages from telegram groups

If you are an admin of a telegram group then you can check the deleted messages within 48 hours of the deleting. Telegram provides the option for doing it. Follow up the process given below to view deleted messages from groups.

  • You must be the admin of the group to see deleted messages from the group. This message work only for 48 hours of the deletion of the message in the group. Now open the group of which you want to check the deleted messages.
  • If you are using a PC you should click on the 3 dots at the top right corner and click on the manage group option.How to recover deleted messages on telegram
  • From there go to recent actions. Recent actions contain files that were deleted for a short period of time. You can either check deleted messages or download files that were deleted on telegram.Retrieve deleted files from telegram
  • Now you can check the deleted messages. Messages that were deleted within the recent 48 hours will be shown only but anyway you can check the messages that were deleted from the telegram.
  • If you are using mobile then just click on the group logo and click on the edit sign at the top right corner.
  • Then go to the recent action option and browse the deleted messages.

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How to recover deleted Telegram messages on android?

If you have ever browsed videos, photos, or saved documents from telegram messages, then there are no worries if the message got deleted. You can do as instructed.

  • You must use the android device on which you use telegram. Now open the file manager.
  • Now search for a folder named “Telegram”. Inside the telegram folder, you will see a different folder for different types of files.
  • You can open the folder respectively to find out the deleted message of the telegram which you were searching for.
  • For recovering the deleted telegram image open the folder named “Telegram Images”. You can follow the respective process for recovering a specific type of file.

So, like this, you can recover the deleted messages or files of telegram using an android device. If you want to learn how to change your page name on Facebook then click here.

Recover deleted Telegram messages on the desktop?

You must use the pc on which you use telegram. For finding deleted documents, videos, and files of the telegram which you had once downloaded, you can follow up the process given below.

  • Open the download folder from the file explorer.
  • Go to downloads. Now search for the telegram folder and open it.
  • Now just browse the deleted document or media files that you were searching for.recover deleted message on telegram
  • Like this, you can restore deleted messages like media files, documents or files easily from telegram using the desktop.

Telegram is one of the rapidly growing social media of the current time. Various unique features such as customizable bots for users, a bot for managing chats, privacy, and a simple user interface of the telegram are attracting users. You can recover some valuable pictures or documents with this process which is better than having nothing. If you got any queries regarding this issue then feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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